1. Much faster PNG loading, and JPEG support, thanks to luksy. Additional speed packs available from SkyHawk.
2. Better frame limiter - also uses less CPU.
3. Window and full screen resolutions and frequencies can be set.
4. Cosmo Canyon progress bug fixed.
5. myst6re code to allow extra fields in flevel
6. TrueOdin's gamepad xinput code added
7. Felix Leonhart's world map pack is now faster and smaller, thanks to SkyHawk
8. Felix Leonhart's world map pack has various texture fixes by orichalcon on.
9. Random crashes that plagued R06f are resolved.
10. Better aali.dll code, including merge of movie plugin, thanks to Luksy.
11. Full grammar check for retranslation project complete.
12. Retranslation project now entering final phase and should be fully complete for R07 (with window placements for R07). Chapybara proof check complete.
13. Audio won't be lost when switching devices (for example to HDMI).